• Our Advantages

Our Advantages

We strive to get the best, most competitive rates, based on the credit information available. Our many years of experience allows us to be very creative with our financing/leasing, and to work to meet our client’s budget.

  • Credit application only up to $250k
  • Quick decisions (12 hours)
  • Borderline credits acceptable
  • Start up firms can be approved
  • Real estate collateral leases

Fund Objective

  • 12-60 Month Terms at a Fixed Rate
  • Many Programs to Choose For Your Budget
  • National Leasing & Financing

Benefits of leasing with Equities Funding, LLC

Some of the following points will apply to your business. We want to alert you to some of the hidden advantages of leasing. When leasing, businesses receive multiple benefits that traditional financing simply cannot match. Nearly any capital asset can be acquired through a lease.

  • Leasing Improves Your Cash Flow

    Leasing provides 100% financing with no down payment. Delivery, installation, and other costs can be included with the purchase price and they are a pre-tax expense.

  • Leasing Preserves Other Credit Sources

    Leasing keeps your bank lines and other sources available to meet short term requirements such as inventory buildup and increased receivables.

  • Leasing Helps Hedge Against Inflation

    Each dollar you pay back in lease payments five years from now will probably have substantially less purchasing power than today’s dollar. These “smaller dollars” that result from inflation are that much easier to part with.

  • Leasing Keeps Money In Motion

    By leasing, you can keep your company’s money working hard. For example, consider what $50,000 can do for you when it is actively invested in your inventory – rather than languishing in fixed equipment.

  • Leasing Simplifies Budgeting

    Budgets can more readily accommodate monthly lease payments than large cash expenses for purchasing fixed assets. Acquire new equipment with affordable fixed payments.

  • Leasing Offers Fixed Rate Financing

    Leasing allows you to know exactly what your expenses will be over the term of the lease.

  • Leasing Helps Equipment Earn Its Keep

    You expect your employees to earn their pay as they perform – why not your equipment? With leasing, you pay for your equipment as it benefits your business.

  • Leasing Lets You Choose the Equipment

    You can specify the equipment and the source – as if you were purchasing it directly. All normal manufacturer’s warranties are passed through to you.

  • Leasing Makes More Equipment Available

    Since the monthly lease payment is a small portion of the total cost of equipment, leasing allows you the use of a greater amount of equipment for a given dollar allocation.

  • Leasing Provides Flexibility

    At the end of the lease term, you may either return the equipment to the leasing company or acquire it at its fair market value. In certain cases, you may wish to renew the lease for an additional period of time.

  • Leasing Offers Tax Advantage

    Normally, your lease payments are fully tax deductible as an operating expense. As a result, you pay for the use of the equipment out of current, untaxed income instead of already-taxed profits. Naturally, care must be taken to abide by IRS guidelines. Your CPA or accountant can provide you with details.

Tying up thousands of dollars in buying equipment could be costing you more than you think. Besides requiring a sizeable down payment, you’re buying equipment with after tax dollars and further limiting your line of credit.

For these and many other reasons, leasing has become more attractive to businesses of all kinds – across the country. If you consider the actual cost of acquiring equipment, leasing generally offers savings over both outright cash purchases and conventional loans.

The value of equipment lies in using it – not owning it. Check into the many advantages by contacting Equities Funding, LLC, via phone at (239) 747-9955 or (800) 829-2340 or fax at (509) 277-1433.