• About Us

About Us

We can lease/finance equipment of all types, new or used, for just about any industry. We strive to get the best, most competitive rates, which are based on the credit information available. Our previous experience allows us to be very creative with our programs, and we work to meet the client’s needs and budget.


Q. How do I get started?

A. We have an online application that needs to be completed. Simply fill it out, up to $300,000 in equipment cost. If you have any trouble with this online version, contact us for a printed copy that can be faxed instead. We normally receive a decision within 12 hours, and the maximum is 24 hours.

Q. When can I get my equipment?

A. Once we have the approval, we have the customer sign the documents and submit to our funding department for acceptance. We then can issue a purchase order to your vendor, allowing them to ship the equipment to you quickly.

Q. When does my lease start?

A. Once the vendor has shipped the equipment to the customer, we contact the lessee to verify they have all the equipment. When the lessee says he has it all, and the vendor can be paid, that is when the lease starts. But not until the customer is contacted first. This protects them as well as the funder.

Q. What are my lease terms?

A. When we get the approval, we contact the client, determine which term is best, and a payment is agreed upon. We are always seeking the best term for all concerned. Normally, two (2) payments are required when the lease documents are returned.

Q. What types of equipment can be leased?

A. Equities Funding, LLC will work with you to lease:

  • Industrial machinery
  • Processing equipment
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Medical
  • Roll-offs
  • Automotive Equipment
  • Trucks, Trailers, Vans
  • Printing
  • Machinery for Sanitizing
  • Truck Scales
  • HVAC Systems

Remember: “If it moves, we can lease it.”