• Leasing Options

Leasing Options

Vendor Financing Alternatives

What’s your Company’s Resolution? Is it to increase sales? If so, we are here to help. The upcoming year will likely be one of the tightest budget years on record for most companies. Fortunately, Equities Funding, LLC is here to help you make more sales. We have been helping many vendors and equipment suppliers like you increase sales with creative lease financing alternatives.

The question is “Why should I offer a leasing option to my customers?” Here are 5 good reasons to add a lease quote to your sales quotation:

  • Increase Sales

    Earn the business of those hard to close customers. They want your product, and now you can offer them a way for them to pay for it.

  • Be a 1-Stop Shop

    Your clients are already coming to you for the product, now you can provide lease financing as well. Your competition is doing it!

  • Sell More

    It is easier for a client to get a $300 monthly payment approved than it is for a $15,000 cash acquisition.

  • More Customers Are Leasing

    From small to large companies, most of the equipment purchased in the United States is financed. 80% of U.S. companies lease.

  • Prevent Obsolescence

    Leasing helps keep your customers current with up to date equipment. This means future sales for you.

Here is what your colleagues are saying about Equities Funding, LLC.

“I used to think that my customers all paid with cash. I didn’t want to get involved with leasing. If my prospects couldn’t afford my products, they didn’t buy them. I didn’t realize all of the opportunities I was missing by not offering leasing. With a leasing solution, not only did I see more transactions. I saw the average size of my transaction increase.”

“I use leasing as a sales tool. I include a sales price and a lease price on each of my outgoing quotes and proposals. Prior to including lease price, many of my customers didn’t even know that leasing was available through my company. Many of my competitors were offering leasing and I wonder how many deals I lost by not offering it earlier.”