Our Advantages

We strive to get the best, most competitive rates, based on the credit information available. Our many years of experience allows us to be very creative with our financing/leasing, and to work to meet our client's budget.

  • Credit application only up to $250k
  • Quick decisions (12 hours)
  • Borderline credits acceptable
  • Start up firms can be approved
  • Real estate collateral leases


Fund Objective:

  • 12-60 Month Terms at a Fixed Rate
  • Many Programs to Choose For Your Budget
  • National Leasing & Financing


Benefits of leasing with Equities Funding Group

Preserve Cash

You pay only for the use of the asset, not for the ownership. This avoids tying up capital in assets.

100% Financing

You receive 100% financing, eliminating the need for a down payment as the lessor receives the tax benefits of ownership.

Cash Flow / Budget

You receive longer-term, fixed-payments and potentially lower payments as the lessor receives the tax benefits of ownership.

Alternate Source of Capital

Your existing bank lines of credit, which are limited, are not impacted. Leasing also is a less restrictive form of financing.

Off-balance Sheet Source of Funds

You can improve ROE, ROA, and many other financial ratios by utilizing leasing instead of borrowing.

Tax Advantages

You can avoid certain tax limitations. Lease payments are expensed and do not contribute to Alternative Minimum Tax exposure or to mid-quarter depreciation penalties.

Equipment Obsolescense

You avoid the risk of equipment that is no longer technologically useful or valuable. It can be upgraded to another piece by simply writing a new lease.

Avoid Capital Budgeting Constraints

You can acquire needed equipment outside of the capital budget. Lease payments usually are paid out of the operating budget.

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